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Thread: Web Sites Writing To IE Favourites

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    Web Sites Writing To IE Favourites

    Hi all,

    Has anyone encountered a web site that writes a bookmark (usually for another web site of unsavoury content) to their favourites folder in Internet Explorer?

    Several of my users have complaind that this has happened on their home PC. One user also stated that right clicking on the favourite on the LINKS toolbar did not allow her to delete the bookmark.

    How would a web site do this and what can I do to prevent it happening?


    Alan Mott

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    That's new for me, but I'm sure it's possible using JavaScript. In fact, I have seen a few sites that present you with a dialog box asking if you'd like to set their URL as your home page. At least the one's I've seen have been kind enough to ask. You could disable all this malicious JavaScript (also possibly ActiveX controls, or ASP code) by increasing the security of your Internet Surfing. You can access the security settings by:

    Tools->Internet Options->Security.

    If you set this high enough, you should effectively block all client-side execution of code. Be aware, however, that this may cripple the features of many websites.
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    Yes you can do it in javascript. If you go to www.planetsourcecode.com and search for bookmark in javascipt at the top of the page you will see a sample of the code that can do this.
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    did you check PCs integrity with antivirii or auditing tools?
    It's strange that you cannot remove those weird links, did you try removing them directly from the directory there the shortcut is recorded:
    <main hard drive label>:\winxxx\profile\<user account>\bookmark ?
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    Many thinks for this.

    The Javascipt source code would indeed do this. Thanks for this pointer. Now I know its definitely a mobile code issue, I can get to grips with blocking this.

    Cheers for this people

    Alan Mott

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