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    linux: newbie question

    i run trustix, i have installed shhd, ssh etc but i want to run shhd on startup so i dont have to click it every time i start the computer
    i know that it has something to do with rc.d and init.d, but sshd is there already since it is in install
    the problem has nothing to do with sshd, beacause every time i click it i starts normally, the point is that i want to start by its self (on startup)

    i want to do the same with httpd (apache) any ideas?


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    edit the file /etc/rc.config

    Look for where it says :

    and change it to

    Then when you boot the next time, it should start up.

    Good luck

    oh, and the same for the httpd.

    Its in the /etc/rc.config

    # Should the Apache httpd be started at bootup? (yes/no)

    Just switch it to yes

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    Also note that it might be already there and just commented out with a #
    Other than that you could always write a quick little bash script and add that to the rc.d files
    Just something for you to consider.

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