I had to post this thread even though it's a total mockery of something I did.

Some time ago I totally went off on some AO user for not reading FAQ's/Quick Tips (I didn't neg them, just went off in the post). Anyhow, this little incident occured yesterday which made me look like a total ******* (pardon the french).

I used The Cleaner and found some trojan called BDE Trojan (Brilliant Digital Entertainment?)
which I couldn't seem to get rid of. I looked up some old threads on here and found my cure and got rid of the damn thing...finally. After some research I found out it's some cute little scumware that is installed when Kazaa is installed. It likes to reside in _RESTORE which makes it a bitch to get rid of. and Norton? well I think Norton was sleeping on this one (it never even detected the damn thing to begin with). SO, to make a long story longer, I ran across an old Quick Tip here at AO which pertained to User Agreements and about actually READING them. Did I read Kazaa's agreement? of course I didn't. Apparently, it's hinted in their(Kazaa's) agreement that this stupid ass program would be put on my machine. So the moral of the story? I caused all my own problems yesterday because I couldn't follow my own advice...read the damn FAQ's and Quick Tips.