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    Question Comments Signature

    I searched through a bunch of threads that were somewhat similar but didn't find much on what I'm about to ask. If threads do exist on this, I apologize.
    My question is about the comments box for the assignment of AP points. As it stands now, and judging from what I've read in older posts, alot of members will tag their name on to the end of a comment mostly for positive assigments. Obviously members want you to know who assigned the positive points, this is a given in most cases.
    What I'm wondering about is, what if someone assigns negative points, then posts some comment with a tag of someone else's member name, leading someone to believe it was another person who handed out the negative points? As it stands now, you can put whatever you want in the comments box.
    The only thing I can think of that would make this a non-existent issue, is that most users don't tag their name on the end of negative comments. oh well. just curious what people think.
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    This "problem" have been discussed a lot in other threads but unfortunately nobody could find a solution yet.



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    o this was kicked around alot a while ago, its become virtually not a problem since many users dont even care about AP now.. cause if you do, all it does is cause trouble. one of these days people here will all realize that we dont need to assign negative points anyway, we should just be able to vote on the banning of others.

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    It's true that many people assigning negative points won't sign.
    Sadly, it's because their cowards of confrontation.

    The only option you have is to request a reason by clicking the link.
    (which most will ignore, but you tried)

    The effects of adding an auto-name wouldn't do much to my belief. IMO.

    Basically, just suck it up for now.

    With all the AP alliances and pointless treads recieving Extreme AP assignments, most people look at AP as pointless. (sadly)

    Most only care if their near bannishment.

    I wonder if their could be a way to revalue the AP system?

    Anyways, those who don't care what other's think will put their names (or give good criticism) and those who don't, dont.

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    Shag, I've only received negative points (for a political opinion...grrrrr ) where a member actually signed his name, once. I did contact him, thanked him for signing his name, etc. When this topic came up the other day about somebody signing another member's name to negative points it occured to me that if you suspect the name attached to the points might be false, just drop a quick note to that member.....NOT through the "I have a question about an anti-points assignment" -- but go through a regular PM. Then you can thank them for the constructive criticism while at the same time verifying that they were indeed the antipoint assignor.

    Just a thought....

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    I have to agree with Tyger, it's just simple plain cowardness.
    If someone would contact me about negative AP's I would always reply to that
    what my reason was.

    The other day I gave someone a positive reply on an url that he had posted.
    The next time a log in , go to AP center, and saw some neg AP from *****.
    I was literally stunned, I congratulated the guy on his good googling, that was the thank you I got.

    I try to contact him - what ya think - No reply.

    Well , at least if you don't want to expell your name, DON't use someone elses name,
    have the balls to reply if someone asks you why.

    Sorry for the little rage,

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    The official AO policy is to discourage people from attaching
    their names to point assignments. If you never signed
    your name, no one could successfully fake your signature,
    since most users would know that you never sign your assignments.

    It is meant to be anonymous, so you can honestly judge posts
    without fear of retaliation. Those who make anonymous
    assignments should not be berated for honoring the
    wishes of the site owner.

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    Conclusion: the AntiPoints-system is supposed to be anonymous, so don't sign your antipoints. Signing negative antipoints with someone's elses name is the fastest way to get yourself banned...

    Thread Closed.

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