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Thread: Microsoft Reveals Secret Code to Russia

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    Microsoft Reveals Secret Code to Russia

    Why Russia..? interesting..

    check out the link http://www.reuters.com/printerFriend...toryID=2074786
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    Hmmm... I wonder how long it will be before some Russian official in the Russian Mofia will pirate or sell the MS code...
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    hmmm if anyone seen this lil comics about star trek and microsoft where the star fleet defeated the borgs by uploading windows to their system. lol. maybe this is same case.. or maybe im just nutts LOL

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    Mmmmmmmmm very interesting.


    sweet_angel ,

    it’s the next step for Microsoft’s strategy on world domination.

    ‘the code is expected to be made available to more than 60 governments and agencies worldwide, including the NATO defence alliance.’

    However it doesn’t say what codes………exactly

    I suspect it’s the pc cop codes

    Do you remember the rumour about Bill Gates being the 666, perhaps its true…

    Well I am loosing my interest in Microsoft products.


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    They way I have been led to understand it was that it isnt all of the actual source code and whatever M$ is actually giving out to these governments wont give away any of their secrets its supposed to just be a segement of it. I remember reading this somewhere but I cant find it anymore. If anyone can find this article I would love to reread it.
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    To woo governments, Microsoft has said it will make its source code mainly available to them over the Internet and for free, provided they do not disclose it.
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    With the eventual leek of Win32/XP source code, couldn’t someone Mod their kernel?
    Kernel mods for windows would be neat?
    What are your thoughts, is it possible, easy/hard, what would some of the benefits be? Discussion? I’d love to hear what ya'll think ;-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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