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Thread: Linux Advocates Turn Violent, Go On Rampage

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    Talking Linux Advocates Turn Violent, Go On Rampage

    I noticed this is morning http://www.winbeta.org/modules.php?n...rticle&sid=652 on winbeta whist I was surfing my regular news sites

    Its about a group of linux lovers who go on a rampage around san francisco, I am not sure if its true or not as some of the pictures look a bit out of place but It brought a smile to my friday morning

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    " The dignified-looking, elderly Holmes and his followers had been urging state and federal authorities to step in, picketing the picketers around the clock for nearly a week. "They talk about 'the people' and the evils of capitalism. They're nothing but socialist anarchists working for the liberal Jewish homosexual environmentalist media!" he added.

    Radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger also jumped into the controversy. "They talk about freedom but not of personal responsibility, permissiveness without morality. And what is their symbol? Is it a religious symbol? A patriotic symbol? A symbol of morality or decency? No. Their symbol is a penguin- a PENGUIN! An eagle that can't fly, a chicken with no nutritional value, a clumsy, stupid creature that waddles and wallows in the icy shell of a cold, lonely hell of isolation," she told listeners yesterday. "

    hahahahahahahaha may be an eagle that cant fly but tux hasnt ever been sucked into a jet engine either

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