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    Smile Original AO

    Here is AntiOnline, by JP, as was first imaged.


    No real point to this thread, other than to point out this site, www.archive.org .

    Lots of stuff that may appeal to the elders among us.

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    Thank you for the link, it's a good one!!!

    By the way, i prefer the actual AO main page banner that the one of the link above, i'm glad JP choosed the one he is using now, hehe!!!.



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    Thanks for the link, very interesting indeed.

    :::Strays off topic.

    I like the main Antionline banner too. I swear, it would be so cool to get like a tacky yellow and purple antionline shirt. With the slogan on it, ect... I acctually wrote Jp about this but he never wrote back. I wonder if I'm the only nerd that would sport an Antionline shirt.. I suppose i could make one, or have one made....

    :::Makes his last attempt at the T-Shirt Idea....
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    Great post.
    I was actually trying to post a somewhat similar post about The Wayback Machine

    AO has come a long way since the beggining.

    I was also wondering if some of the members (except from JP) actually have been here since the begining (was it in 1993 ?).
    I wonder how the real first page of AO looked like.

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    Heh, thanks for the link! It's very interesting to see all the pages as they were ages ago.
    I hope you noticed that www.archive.org has taken many copies of a single site, so here's AO as it was at 13. October 1999 (A bit more interesting than at July 19. 1997 in Ouroboros's link) : http://web.archive.org/web/199910131...ntionline.com/
    At 15. September 2000 AO already had its colors: http://web.archive.org/web/200009151...com/index.html and at 25. September 2001 AntiOnline was quite much like what it is now: http://web.archive.org/web/200109251...ntionline.com/ .
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