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Thread: Listening for hackers (NC day 3)

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    Listening for hackers (NC day 3)

    Net Cat (day3)

    In this installment Im going show you how to use NC as a key-logger against a would be intruder. An IDS or a honeypot if you will. The purpose in this is to help you to understand whats going on when you see those ZA alerts. Maybe even learn something about how hackers hack.

    For this youll need:

    A computer running windows (theres enough *nix nc tuts)


    Netcat does come with the option to dump input data from the port its monitoring into a file in hex format:

    nc L p37337 0logfile.txt

    This is alright except that everytime a new conection is made the file is overwritten.

    If we instead re-direct the input to a file using >>:

    Nc L p37337 >>logfile.txt

    Well get the results of every command entered from all sessions seperated by an ascii 'box'.

    Well begin by writing a batch file useing the most popular ports and put it in the start-up directory. (nc is already in the path of course)

    It doesnt matter if you dont have these service, you dont need them to listen on the ports.



    nc L p21 d >>c:\FTP_NC.txt
    nc L p23 d >>c:\Telnet_NC.txt
    nc L p25 d >>c:\SMTP_NC.txt
    nc L p79 d >>c:\Finger_NC.txt
    nc L p80 d >>c:\Web_NC.txt
    nc L p443 d >>c:\WebSSL_.txt
    nc L p8080 d >>c:\Proxy_NC.txt
    nc L p512 d >>c:\Rexec_NC.txt
    nc L p513 d >>c:\Rlogin_NC.txt
    nc L p514 d >>c:\Rsh_NC.txt
    nc L p31337 d >>c:\BO_NC.txt

    Here were telling nc to keep listening for more connections after each session ends ( "-L" ). What port to listen on ( -p ) and detach itself from the te console so it doesnt require all the prompts open to do its work ( "-d" ).

    You can include all the ports you want or take them out for that matter. Netcat does not use allot of system resources.

    After the bat file is run nc will wait for a connection on each port its told. To see whats been happening on each port just open its related text file.

    Heres another bat file you can put in quick-launch to make reading the logs easier:


    Type c:\FTP_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type c:\Telnet_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type c:\SMTP_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type c:\Finger_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type c:\Web_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type c:\WebSSL_.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type >>c:\Proxy_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type >>c:\Rexec_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type >>c:\Rlogin_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type >>c:\Rsh_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Type >>c:\BO_NC.txt >>c:\All_NC.txt
    Notepad c:\All_NC.txt


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    Good tutorial TedOb1.
    It was high time to write tutorials here about such an important software.
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    Great tut Tedob1... I guess I'm just sandbagging (I saw this referenced in an earlier thread...not really sure what it means )

    This part got me interested. Especially since I am a *nix idiot and this is for a win32 app

    I am going to try to locate the first two parts of this ( I assume this is an ongoing...)

    There I go again, I'll look it up
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