*moved* Saddam to burn oil wells
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Thread: *moved* Saddam to burn oil wells

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    Exclamation Saddam to burn oil wells

    I was just watching the news and it said that sadam hussain threatens to burn his oil wells if he gets attacked. now normally this wont affect us, but if he does burn his oil wells, then the price of crude oil can go upto $50 US in price. this PROVES that bush only wants to attack iraq for the oil, otherwise the US and AUS wont face price changes.

    */bush only wants to finish what his daddy started*/
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    yes very true...
    he's in it for his daddy's revenge and oil...

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    Oh well, Saddam knows that setting the wels in fire won't stop the us worth nothing... the worst is that they'll only burn out oil that whatever is left of iraq will actually need for bargaining power....
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    War over oil. Sad ****

    Im still waiting for a system of a down song about it called "Daddy needs his oil" or sum ****

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    Sadam Hussain is foolish and very unwise he underestimates england

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