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Thread: games from your youth

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    games from your youth

    i found my old master system today and dug it out and played alex the kid in wonder world and it got me thinking about all the old games i used to play when i was a kid california games ( loved the surfing and skate boarding) road rash (bikes and violence what more could a kid want) and mortal combat ( lots of gore caused a stir when i baught this home at first)
    my question to you what games do you remeber from your youth and why?
    and the other question wtf are games from back then so much ****ing harder than todays games

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    Hi Rioter,

    The games you quoted are very much the same games I've played back then.
    I still can remember the evenings where me and my buddy played Mortal Kombat on an 486 , with splitscreen.
    Also Doom was a great game to play, between 2 pc's with a nul-modem cable, great time we've had there.

    Indeed the games now aren't what they 've used to be, that's one of the reasons I don't play a lot anymore.

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    Wow!!! I could remember so many that i can barely name them:

    From Spectrum: Ghosts n' Goblins, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Sir Fred, School Daze, Back to Skool, Starqueake, Lords of Chaos, Myth, ATV Simulator, Trapdoor, Gremlins, etc., etc., etc....

    ...and from PC: yes... DOOM (of course) and the unforgettables old graphic adventures... yeah!!!

    And, you are right, old games were harder than today ones... but i prefer it that way. Today games are really easy, too easy!!! You always beat them and without tricks, maybe some walkthroughs sometimes but NEVER tricks the first time i beat them.



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    The game I remember best was the old Super Mario Bros. from my old NES clone. Then there was contra which kicked major ass. On the PC, I remember the Commander Keen games (anyone got a copy of those lying around?) and Wolf3D very fondly. Roadrash is still one of my very favourite games. Then came the SNES and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Top Gear. Wow... all those old memories.
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    On my Commodore: Double Dragon, Outrun, Karate something, Frogger, and some thousand others...
    The first games I've played on PC were Commander Keen and Outrun again, I think...

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    Back in the early to mid eighties I played Ultima I-IV, Wizardry I-III, and the Zork's all straight through on my apple ][+.

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    Well mine are a LOT more recent but....
    Ninja Turtles, Mortal Combat, Super Mario Bros, Sonic, and a few others that I can't remember. Then towards 5th grade I started to play Star Craft, Half-Life, and a few others. I did/do remember playing emulators of old atari and arcade games, now those are FUN.
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    i don't know 'bout you but if i close my eyes i can literally fly through most of the levels in doom, quake, duke nukem and other games... i remember the exact layout, the monsters, and secrets...

    it's funny what human mind will remember. i remember all that but i will forget a persons name in 5 minutes

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    Ow I still play many of them oldies... There are thousenths... the ones I pleyed most recently:
    prince of percia, pong, stunt run, micromachines, little big adventure, pool, test driver, mortal combat, ghosts n' goblins, space invaders, frogger, double dragon...
    There are many more on my old atari...
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