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Thread: games from your youth

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    Jan 2003
    You want really old?
    HEHEHEHE the original Metriod for super nintendo and zelda for reg. nintendo! And for PC: the original versions of TRON, pong, frogger and hugo house of horror.

    To me modern games are now super easy....
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    like some of you mine are more recent, i loved duck hunt, that was an awsome game, and of course super marios brothers, but i also remember the atari and there was this game on there.....cant remember the name but you had a gun at the bottom of the screen and all these little alien lookin guys would come down from the top and you had to shoot all of them before they reached you, cant remember the name but that was a great game.
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    California Games was the best

    I also liked to play
    Into the Eagle's nest
    Boulder Dash
    Prince of Persia
    Off course Pacman
    I loved doubling Bubble and Bobble
    Also the old mario brothers games.
    Sim city.
    Nowadays I rarely play games on my computer.
    Some PSX(2) though

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    I seem to remember Excite Bike, that was one of my favorites along with Contra on Nintendo
    In the realm of PC games I remember the old sierra Quest for Glory series. That was the best, back on my Tandy 386.
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    hrm.. pong, mario brothers, tetris, excite bike, punch out, teenage mutant ninja turtles, jeopardy, wheel of fortune, zelda!

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    I am afraid I had an old Amstrad CPC464 (with colour monitor and built in tape drive )

    My favorite game on that had to be Spy Vs. Spy, nobody has mentioned that one yet, either it was a really bad game and I am sad, or people have overlooked it

    Apart from that I have to agree with several other NES, Super Mario, it was just out of this world at that time.

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    mine would be Contra.. me and my cousin always played that game on nintendo.. i still remember the cheats for 30 lives.. hehehe and what else.. Chip n' Dale.. and Ninja Turtles. those all are nintendo. and i also played GODS on a 386 i think..

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    Dungeons & dragons : Knights of Krynn.... on the old 486...
    Floor 13
    Leisure Suit Larry 1

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    Atari all the way baby!

    Asteroids, Defender, Yars Revenge, Space Invaders, Bowling, Boxing, Basketball and so many more... I loved them all.. and then of course the NES, but i mean the ATARI was the sh*t, it was and still is the greatest system around. I went into a video game store the other day and asked for either an Atari or an NES and the guy started laughing.. He has a waiting list of over 100 names of people looking for those systems... They were the greatest. no doubt.

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    i remember playing pitfall on the atari .. i never had an atari so every time i played that game i got so excited heh ...... also playing super mario bros. on the NES (nintendo entertainment system).. my favourite game so far was Mario 64 .. however i really wanna try the lord of the rings game that just came out a little while ago

    i love zelda: ocarina of time for the nintendo 64 also and an arcade game called raven ( i think that is its name )
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