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    Talking Connection security

    Since a few weeks i've bought a new motherboard (asus P4PE) with onboard a Gigabit Lan.
    Is there a way to secure this? Before this i had a PCI ethernetcard Realtek. I use Zonealarm Pro firewall.

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    Hi there.

    To secure your computer there are many steps that you would have to follow. First of this subject has been discussed many times before. Since you dont mention the OS you intend to use (apart the fact that you mention zonealarm) i presume your talking about windows.

    Let me just point out a few basic steps, but i advice you to browse the AO threads about this subject, like i said, its been discussed before.

    1 - Make sure you choose strong passwords.

    2 - Make sure that your Anti-virus is always upto date and all other applications too.

    3 - Rename administrators accounts to something else.

    4 - Make sure you have a firewall.

    5 - Avoid keeping sensitive data on the computer, if you can't do that, then encrypt it.

    6 - Make regular backups.

    7 - Read your LOGFILES.

    8 - Keep comming back to AO to see what else is new in computer security.

    Important is that you browse the already posted subjects that have todo with your question. I have posted a more informative post concerning the same issue, have a look at it.


    Good luck on securing your computer
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    3 - Rename administrators accounts to something else.
    That isn't always a great idea. A lot of programs require to use the Administrator account to install or run properly. So IMHO, renaming or deleting the default adminstrator account isn't something that you should do. It's like deleting root on a *NIX system. Other than that, sound advice.
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