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    OS Based Forum


    I've seen a lot ordinary OS Based problems come around, always under General Chit Chat.

    Would it be useful to have a new forum , only for problems with OS'es ?
    In which I mean , OS bugs, rare problems, Problems for Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe, All of
    Windows RARE problems, and so on...

    I didn't find a similar existing thread, so I thought why not ask everyone else on AO and start a new thread.

    Let us know !

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    It's a nice thought, but this site still is a security site, not a OS installation problem site :/. I think JP doesn't mean to have all those discussions here, but if they're here anyways, they'll get posted in general chit chat anyways. But well it's a nice idea... that way you'd be able to find problemms that have already been discussed about those things faster...
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    Go over to http://bytekill.net .They have OS related forums and some (well nearly all) the members are also AO members.
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