One of my old threads was bumped...
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Thread: One of my old threads was bumped...

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    One of my old threads was bumped up...


    Someone has just bumped up my thread called "What will we do without AO?, really...". It's now in AO main page.

    Please stop doing these. Whaaaaat's happening here??? We need to do something. JP, pleeeeease!!!


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    chill dude...

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    What the **** is happening here !!!!!
    Let's stay calm and let those little baby-f**kers do , they will disappear eventually.
    if JP doesn't take action this is the only way.


    I feel with you dude !
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    its the attention they are after. just ignore them and they will go away..

    Just because you don\'t see it doesn\'t mean it\'s not there

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    ugh.. just close em both i say. big deal

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    i wonder even though we cant see who bumped the thread, JP can, if so he should do something about it. and if not, it might be a good idea to show who bumped the thread last. but that might start flame wars, hmm, but it might not. this person might take it as a deterant.

    It just occured to me, what is going to happen if we catch this person. fine we ban them/he/she but they can still use AO even though they are banned. and even after that they can use a different name and email account. but you would think that they would get sick of playing games and give up. but if this is how you guys are reacting after, what a week if that. then i think this person has got you by the curlies.

    just my thoughts
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