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Thread: Need a good Wardialer

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    Need a good Wardialer

    I've looked and looked and still can't find a good one. If anybody knows where to find a good wardialer please tell me.

    Thank you.

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    After the whole bumping thing I've been paying close attention to the dates on the post. Its really funny how this post is up to date but the tech your looking for is very outdated.

    Why do you want a wardailer? Wardailing is bout dead... along with many of the boxes that once played important rolls in phreaking. Heck even redboxing is about dead.

    You can't find a good wardailer because all they are good for now days is dailing numbers and listening to peaple say hello over.... and over.... and over.... The net has changed so much that I hardly think you'll be able to pickup on a modem with your lame kiddie toys.

    Anyways..... to you and all of the other peaple who think that filling the boards with useless/meaningless things like this will make you seem "L33t" or "COOL" well face the facts you chumps: !!YOU AREN'T & NEVER WILL BE!!

    This ain't no astilavista.com ya chump. We got enought youngins looking for trouble already...
    I could care less if you plan on being some kinda 'leet' 'haxor' or phreak someday...
    but don't expect me to clap my hands for you because your to lazy to learn some super EZ object oriented language and explore the inner workings of your own dang PC.

    We are being flooded with old post just like this one so please end this chain of LAMEness by deleteing this thread. It will not only improve the situation your in but you will also be helping us because there will be one less lamer post to worry about.

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