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Thread: The fire is on our door steps

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    Exclamation The fire is on our door steps

    I just wanted to share with every this little tale.

    i live in armadale western australia, and we have this huge fire over the hill and about a few suburbs over. the sky is convered in smoke, the sun is totally red and you can actually look at the sun. if the fire gets over the hill, theres a good chance it will get alot closer. we even have coal and burnt leaves all over our drive way, and it came over the hill.

    so i just wanted to say that if you dont hear from me for a while its cause im not home, cause we have gone to safer ground or if you dont hear from me for extended times, thats cause the house burnt. anyway, i am sure it wont get that far.

    just wanted to let your guys know the real danger.

    Good luck for all you victorians and camberrians

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    Hope your home stays were it is... Never saw a fire like you describe.
    Good luck.

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    Then take care buddy and take care of your family too. First your family... then "material" objects. Hope is put out soon!!!

    By the way, take your time with this problem... i assure we won't move from here!!!

    Good luck!!!


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    Best of luck down there, we saw the clips of the firestorm and it is a *monster*. Montana had one similar a couple of years ago. Nothing more can be said from long-distance except for Good Luck, and take care of your family and friends.

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    Hey take care of your self and your family I know about these fires it happens here all the time. I am from California and beleive me it is worse here then anywhere else in the world. But all I can say be careful and I will hope things won't get worse. Let's hope for the best.

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    Good Luck!

    Good Luck. I hope everything works out well
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    good luck with that one. to bad their isn't a good debuger for something like this. Hope you wont have to recompile your home or anything. Hope it doesn't reach your house, maybe a firewall would help?

    sorry bad tech humor. but good luck.
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    I lived in them there foothills not far south of you for a number of years and worked closely with the fire and forestry services. We faced bushfires annually and I have a lot of faith in them keeping you and your family safe - their annual controlled burn-offs tend to keep things under control, sometimes things tend to look worse than they really are.

    Keep your head down, you will be given ample warning if an evacuation is required, but I doubt you will.

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