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Thread: Trouble installing Assus P4s8x Mother Board.

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    Trouble installing Assus P4s8x Mother Board.

    I bought a new Assus P4s8x motherboard.During installation it doesn't recognise the sec. IDE devices (master and slave) and also it doesn't recognise the HDD in promise ATA 133 connector. It recognises only the primary IDE connections (master and slave). Is this a problem inherent in the motherboard or is there anything I can do in the jumper settings to overcome this problem? Kindly help me out...thx..

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    You might need to install the mobo drivers first. start off with a minimum build, and add the rest of the hardware after you install the OS, then install the drivers that should have been included with the board.
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    what aeallison said is correct you need to start with the minimun of hardware ( video card, memory, one HDD, one CD , FDD and from there you will have to do install drivers that probably comes with your MOBO or you can always refer to the manufacturer site http://www.asus.com.tw
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    If you haven't yet, then have a look at your BIOS configuration to see if the ports, IDEs or devices are installed properly. I have bought a lot of MOBOs for me and many customers i work with, and they come always ready to use (i mean that i never had to install MOBO drivers, maybe changing a jumper sometimes, but nothing too complicated). Try changing your BIOS congifuration to "default options" and then start from "cero". Have a look at your MOBO manual too.

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    Before going too much farther......are you using 80 pin cables ? And are they installed correctly ? Red stripe is pin 1. (been there, done that...........DOH)

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