NEWS: Female Virus Writer Attacks Her Fellow Coders
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Thread: NEWS: Female Virus Writer Attacks Her Fellow Coders

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    Cool NEWS: Female Virus Writer Attacks Her Fellow Coders

    Sophos experts have advised customers about a new email-aware worm that has an unusual payload. Not only does it attempt to disinfect computers of another worm but it also contains a message disparaging another virus writer.

    W32/Sahay-A is an email-aware worm that spreads via a screensaver called MathMagic.scr. If users run the

    attachment it drops a file called yahasux.vbs onto the hard drive which then forwards the virus onto everyone in the Windows address book. The virus goes on to attempt to disinfect any infections of W32/ Yaha-K it may find. However, due to bugs it may fail to do this correctly.

    W32/Sahay-A appears to be written by the female virus writer Gigabyte, believed to be based in Belgium. In the past Gigabyte has gained herself considerable notoriety by being a rare example of a female writing viruses in a pastime dominated by young males.

    In a clear indication that the virus writing community is not united Gigabyte has contained the following message inside her virus:

    Hi there.. it seems you were infected with Yaha.k. That worm however, written by an idiot who sPeLlS lIkE tHiS, abused my website and got me to receive the complaints. Therefore, I have just disinfected you. Don't worry tho.. as I didn't wanna steal from you, I gave you this virus (Win32.HLLP.YahaSux) in return

    Gigabyte [Metaphase VX Team]

    "This virus does not appear to be particularly widespread but protection is already available for Sophos customers," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos Anti-Virus. "It's interesting to see virus writers having quarrels with each other - it's just a shame they choose to have their arguments on the computers of innocent users rather than over a pint of beer down the pub."


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    i heard about his girl on tech tv the other day. im not sure what to think about it, i think its one of the better reasons to write a virus....well sorta a virus. but like you said sonic she screwed it up some so it really didnt serve its purpose. kinda makes me wonder if when anti virus updates come out for nortan, avg, pc-cillan etc, etc if they will include hers in there, count it as a virus.
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    i hope this doesnt start a worm war throughout the world. with thousands of worms infecting computers world wide or at least not get out of control
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    Sonic, this is a good article but Dark Raider just posted this thread not too long ago.
    Posted here
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    Quite awhile ago there was a thread here about this girl and her hacker boyfriend. I can't be bothered to look for it right now, but the part where she talks about an idiot that "sPeLlS lIkE tHiS" makes me wonder if maybe all isn't rosy in their relationship anymore. You know what they say about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....LOL.

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    debwalin: That was the chick who wrote the .net virus before it even really came out, just to prove a point? I hate the fact that these people write these viruses just to "prove a point"... they make us admins have more work and spend more money on protection.

    They are the people I 'hate' the most in the computing world... next to spammers.
    They kill so much bandwith and resources its rediculous.

    I'm at the point where I have three modes of defense.
    1) Scan incoming mail
    2) AV server to distribute new definitions to my clients once a week, or even sooner if there are really high risk viruses out.
    3) Audit each workstation's software daily to make sure nothing has been installed without our knowledge.
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    Hi guys,

    A good post Sonic but already Posted

    Here By -DaRK-RaiDeR-:
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    lol sorry bout that, i guess i was too buggered to check if it was already posted. anyway, i was reading it on xatrix and got interested so i thought id post it here to and share it, tho i normally check if a topic has already been posted but this time i just didnt bother. anyway thanks for the info.

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    ooh - ::images of hot Belgium virii coder run through head::, he he he ;-)

    I really like the idea of a virus that tries to attack another virus... that's just interesting!
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