sup everyone

I discovered summin with the windows folder views, it might be possible that you guys already know it,but i found it cool.Like the saying goes,believe in open-source-code

Alright, here are the directions -
(For windows 2000, but i dont think others will be much different.)

In any folder that you are browsing through in windows, right click, then click "Customize This Folder", then "Next", then tick the the first choice, the one that says "Choose or edit an HTML template for this folder", then next. Now, choose whatever view you prefer, then tick "I want to edit this template", then next, then a notepad window will open, which tells us the code and other specifications of the that folder.
Okay, this isnt like i've discovered the Archimedes Principle, but yeah, i found it amusing to say the least. I'm sure you'll have fun tweaking folders like you want. And if you want other folders to be the same, i think you just copy and paste and they will look the way you want them.