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Thread: Win 95 installation question...

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    Win 95 installation question...

    I have numerous computers in my household, 2 of which have gotten extremely old and am giving them to one of my friends to fix up and donate somewhere. However, there are many programs on it that if we took apart would get lost, since I have lost the disks to them. One of these programs is Win95. Now my mother wants me to burn an extra copy because she needs to give it to the friend so he can reinstall it while he's away. The only way to do this in my mind would be to burn the OS Win 95 on my computer and then burn it onto a cd. The problem with t his is if i install the OS will it uninstall Win XP Professional? This is a big problem of mine and I would appreciate any comments and suggestions on this. thx.
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    if you install it on the same partition then it may format the partition before installing 95 onto it. i can't remember for sure because its been a while.

    if you install it onto another partition on the same disk, then most likely it will overwrite the master boot record (or MBR) so that only 95 will boot. but if 95 is on any partition OTHER than the first one then it will not boot - boot to recovery console and fixmbr will replace the mbr and let you boot xp once again.

    ...burn the OS Win 95 on my computer and then burn it onto a cd. The problem with t his is if i install the OS...
    why are you installing it again? i thought you wanted to make a "backup"...
    all legalities aside, you should be able to make a direct copy or "on the fly" as the cool kids are saying these days, ie, you wouldn't have to put it onto your hdd first. unless you only have one optical device. then it would be safer to copy it to your hdd first.
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    burn a copy of win95 right off the original cd or make an iso image and save it somewhere. just don't forget that to install win95 you have to install ms-dos first.

    if you want to keep a copy of win95 and you don't have the cd then just copy the directory that contains the cab files c:\win95 most likely or do a search for .cab files. just copy everything in the directory
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