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    Moving Posts

    I am sure that this has been thought of, and if so, I would like to second the motion. I think it would be great if we had an option to move a post to the appropriate forum. This option could be limited to the poster and site admins. I am picturing an option to check a box for a "Move Thread" or something like that - with a drop-down box to choose what forum to move it to. This would make it a little easier - not to mention much faster - to move a thread to its appropriate forum - rather than having to delete the thread, then repost the same information over again. Please forgive me if this was posted already, but I couldn't find it. Also, this may not be looked at any time soon with the site possibly in transition of owners and what not, but I thought it would be good. Any opinions on this?

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    If it's something to improve AO then i'm in favor of it, so good suggestion!!! Besides, (and many of us think is important) it could be used to correct posting errors like posting in the Tutorials Forum, where many newbies have some tutorials written under their belts but just because they made a mistake posting a thread in the Tutorial Forum. Mmm... this could be fixed.



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    its a good idea so long as it is only the poster and site admin .. other wise it could get as bad as the bumping
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