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Thread: Favorite Linux Versions

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    Favorite Linux Versions

    Whats your favorite version of linux? Tell why you like it and where you can find it.
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    My favorite distro has to be SuSE thanks to the helpful words of LoggOff. SuSE ships with just about anything you can want, from Ham Radio programs to John the Ripper, its on the SuSE disks. The YaST2 installer is probably one of the nicest installers I've seen. You can find live evaluations at Linux ISO or you can buy it at the SuSE website
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    my favourite is slackware simply because that is what my friends at school used and so that is what i started using .. i have used mandrake and others like red hat but i am just used to the look and feel of slackware now ...

    ps i hate the loader and the install procedure for mandrake 8.1 (??)
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    I am downloading the 3rd CD of RH 8.0 right now. I have been using Mandrake 9.0. After I run RH for a while, I am going to try something a little more "advanced", like Slack or Debian. I want to get a job working with Linux, so I know I'll have to know RH, since it seems to be the most prevalent in business, but I want to get to know as many distros as I can...

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    I have pretty much completed the switch from Windoze to Linux, and I've always liked Red Hat. I got Red Hat 8 a day after its official release and have been using it ever since. I like the feel of Red Hat, the new Bluecurve is nice as well. The only thing I didn't like about this new distro is that it does not ship with MP3 support, but a quick download and rpm install and your on your way again. Fast, stable, easy to use, and flexible, I choose Red Hat all the way!

    You can get it at http://www.redhat.com/ or http://linuxiso.org/
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    Just installed RH8 a few days ago, and I like allthough its a little slow at this time. For this I'm testing a few options I had from AO-colleagues. But for the rest it's a nice OS.
    Once I'm a little more experienced I'd like to try Slackware. I'm hearing such good things of that one. The only thing that bothers me is that I need to have win xp tweaked up somewhere, for my girlfriend or profesionally.

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    I currently use RedHat7.3 which is a pretty nifty distro in terms of speed running on a not so good system. Ive tried RedHat 8 but found that it uses quite alot of resources. So my advice to you would be to just pick a distro and install only what you think you will need as there are tons of packages that are included with these distros that, most of the time, are not needed, and can compromise your systems security!

    Id also recommend getting a good linux book to guide you through the filesystem and various commands for operating from a command line. I use the RedHat 7.3 Bible which is very good!

    So good luck!


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    i use Suse Linux 8.1 professional, bought and proudly paid for, iv used red hat but i dont honestly like it that much, its to popular around here for me, and iv used K12 which is red hat based, iv used mandrake which is ok, but nothin compared to Suse, and yea as the other member said it comes with ham radio stuff, it comes with a buncha games, it comes with a nice firewall, it comes with scientific tools, tools to look threw the sola system, and if you have kids Suse Linux 8.1 professional has tux the typing tutor and it comes with education tools, all kindsa stuff, and good USB support, it found and installed drivers for my ZIP drive (external) when you buy that heavy ass green box, insideyou get an install and user manual, an admin manual, this made from coardboard thick ass CD holder with 7 CDs and a DVD, a 2003 calander with the history of Suse on it, 4 Suse Linux stickers, a booklet about Suse, and a support booklet. iv also used Free BSD slightly, it was cool, and i have caldera open Linux, not installed right now but iv used and like it.

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    First timer... SuSE or RH for the nifty graphical install and auto detection of a hell of a lot of hardware..

    then on to Slack, perhaps only to learn and love BSD..
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