new SQL DOS worm
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Thread: new SQL DOS worm

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    new SQL DOS worm

    This is not a new vulnerability, but there is a new worm/virus that is exploiting it. THe vulnerability is MS02-039.

    I'll try to post more info once it is available.

    More , they are calling it SQLSlammer.

    Luckily I was all patched with the machines I manage. Some of my coworkers were not so lucky. Of course I did get a 4am wake up call to check everything out.

    Blocking port 1434 on your firewall is the quick and easy fix, but you should really install the patch, because once it is inside your firewall, it will wreak havoc on your network.

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    DISLEX did not post before him (rioter did i agree)
    MASSIVE internet DDOS attacks.... posted Today 11:41 AM
    new SQL DOS worm posted Today 01:55 PM
    According to the timestamps on the posts, dislex did post before mohaughn. Rioter was the first of all.
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    I did not realize we were racing to post info. I was just sharing what I knew so that other people had the info.. I would have replied to the other posts, but given that this was a security issue in a Microsoft product I felt that this was the proper forum, not general chit-chat.

    After all, the description for general chit-chat says you can discuss anything you like there, as long as it doesn't belong in a different forum.

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