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    I tried to play with my registry.
    Now what happened, i download a .exe file, and it opens with Internet explorer, when double clicking it. It's file association seems to have changed. When i do a "open with..", it doesnt show explorer in the list. What do i associate the file with to make it work ?


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    Its file association should be [EXECUTABLE]
    That is for files with the EXE extension.

    Start->Settings->Folder Options->File Types
    under Registered File Types, look for "Application".
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    What better way to learn the windows registry? Next time you will backup your registry files first eh? You did not mention the version of windows your using, but, I will reccomend a fantastic reference manual. It is titled The Windows 98 Registry A Survival Guide for Users by John Woram This book was originally published for use with Win95 and has been revised to include the newer 98 hkeys, etc. I have not seen it yet, but he was working on a similar publication for Win NT based OSs too. I have referenced this book many times in the past and many portions of it pertain to all versions of windows.
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    Here is a very good online resource for registry stuff

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