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    For those apps that don't actually check for Admin rights, normally all that is required is to open up the relevant parts of the registry (usually HKLM\Software and below, and possibly HKCR and below) and the directory structure (C:\, C:\Program Files, %systemroot%). I'm not sure I like the idea of this though ;-)

    All of this can be done via GPOs, but if you are using GPOs and want to give the users flexibility you should consider publishing the applications as either MSIs or ZAPs. At least you then have an idea what they can install as you published it.
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    I thought of this too. I have the same problem on my school's PCs. The teacher is new on the school and she doesn't know the password to install the Counter-Strike (mod of Half-Life). I thought to write on a CD the files of the game and make a copy-paste to put them on the PCs of my school. But i didn't worked properly, there were missing data drom Registry. Then i thought of backuping the keys from my registry and copying them to the PCs, but i don't know the way to backup the keys.

    After my failure i searched on Google and found a programme called sth like l0pht... but i had to register, it didn't offer a trial, so i left the idea of LAN counter-strike on school aside.

    Try to search on the Google for this prog.

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