Help under attack??????
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Thread: Help under attack??????

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    Help under attack??????

    Recently i get a popup window with the message that netbios is attempting to try to connect to internet. I'm quite sure that i never had this message in the past. I've recently scanned online for any virus or trojans horses.(nothing) I'm using Norton Firewall and Norton Antivirus. Have i been hacked........ or is something else going one? All the help is welcom.
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    Well i wouldnt worry about this message. It appears that your firewall is doing its job if it is an attack, but if youve done a full system scan and a trojan scan, i really wouldnt worry about it!

    Have you been updating your virus definitions?



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    Looks like it could be a bogus problem.......are you on a network or using any network drives?

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    if your worried about it just remove netbios.
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