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Thread: Fast and the Furious 2

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    Fast and the Furious 2

    After reading the Matirx thread, I had to put this in. I loved the Fast and the Furious. Vin Diesel is a great actor, as is Paul Walker. The Fast and the Furious 2 stars Paul walker again, but is sans Vin Diesel. How do you guys feel about that? Personally, I don't think it will be the same, nor as good as the first.
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    I think it gonna be even gayer than the first one. No offense to you if you liked it But I hated it. I have been into racing Import cars for a few years (240sx and RX7's) and it totaly flodded the scene with 16 year olds who think neon and stickers make the cars fast.

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    I love movie with high tech cars. but the movie aaahh so unreal. The plot quit slow. Aaahh I only like their cars, and yes bad ending. I think XXX is much better if like vin Diesel

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    The big problem about the movie is the story line, too lame, and you can figure the whole movie out in the first 15 minutes it seems. Basically I like the movie for the cars also, and the big races and fancy stuff. Aside from just the cars, the movie is pretty stupid. Though I wouldn't mind seeing the second one, just to see what kind of insane money they spent again on newer cars with what kinds of aftermarket stuff.
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    usually, every sequal to a movie is worst that the first one. there are of course exceptions, for example, terminator 2.
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    Well, It better be a damn good movie, because they totally messed up traffic for me down here in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. I couldn't even get to hollywood beach one day because they were racing down the beach.

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