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Thread: Company Keeps Calling “911”

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    Company Keeps Calling “911”

    Company Keeps Calling “911”

    Hey everybody –

    I work for a large staffing company (this is besides the point)…
    We have a problem, whenever someone Calls Deli (India) the Board switches their call to 911. The employee calling Deli never hears the “911” operator as there call is patched through to the International etc… I guess that the switch is making a separate connection for “911” as well as the India call…

    In order to make a International call you must first Dial the International Code (“00” I think) and then the Nations Code, then the City code, etc…

    When Calling Deli, “911” is dialed (in the middle of the number)- this seems to be confusing the Switching network… Are there any solutions that anyone may know about?
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    Normally in a switch or PABX there are routing tables, like the ones you can have on a router, or a your computer. Can you look up somewhere if your 911 is linked to the Deli number ?
    Or you delete the 911 (Emergency) in the international routing tables. I assume 911 is only zonal or interzonal. Emergency here for example 101 or 112 on mobile.



    What is the land and area code their calling ? Behind the 00...

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