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    Could anyone tell me the name of the sub7 server exe file?
    (process name)

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    Just so you know... this is not a skiddie site... its a security site.

    We're not going to help you with stuff like this... so

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    sub7 is a bad idea man. its not even worth playin with. your not hacking if you use sub7, cause all your doin is attaching the server to a file and then sending it to someone. then you get to do dumb **** like open there cd-rom, invert the screen....its dumb.and besides you cant be that serious in useing it cause it says what the server file is in the readme.but if i was you id say f--k sub7 and goto this site if you wanna learn some cool stuff. http://tit.irk.ru/
    also id delete this if i was you, cause your gonna get negged hardcore.take it easy man.
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