I'm a developer in various languages. Cobol85 C C++ Java(just a little)
and in my spare time i'm working a lot with linux and BSD. I administer some Co-located servers (FreeBSD) and i'm quite up-to-date regarding security.

I'd like to learn ASSEMBLY so i can understand Exploits and maybe even write one... some day....

If there are any questions, any time feel free to ask

I know this sounds quite malicious but to obtain security you have to fully understand security, for this reason i regulary try to break my own machine.

Originally posted here by er0k
like WC said its always good to just hang around computer irc servers. For another, just get familiar with your box. If you can, set one up that you can just fool around with. Send it virus's, crack it, etc then learn how to fix it. True hacking is really repairing, or making better, not worse. also, check out a UNIX operating system, UNIX is alot more developed for programming and networking etc.
This indeed is was for me the reason to come here.
I wanna hack my own SuSe 5.4 box (shouldn't be to hard). Just to learn from it.
Imagine, if i had the knowledge to write my own exploits, i'd be able to secure a box quite well. Hacking and Securing is practically the same. But when introducing myself in the rollcage telling i wanna learn ASSEMBLY next to my C/C++ knowledge i get reaction from people who claim to hate hackers (and see one in me)......

aren't that just lazy admins who hate knowledge and just want a secure system ?