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Thread: Lindows Media Center takes on XP counterpart...

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    Lindows Media Center takes on XP counterpart...


    And the "fight" goes on...

    In an effort to lure consumers by turning PCs into home entertainment systems, Lindows.com, which produces a version of the Linux open source operating system, has released its Lindows Media Center. The new software costs less than US$350 and will compete directly with Microsoft's Media Center XP...
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    If I'm correct, the "Lindows" OS has been thrown into the retail market via our good friends at Walmart. After going there to see this OS in action, I can't really believe that it will be able to compete long term with Microsoft.

    Has anyone actually downloaded the OS via their beta tester program? I know that I would have if it were free but I can think of many other things to spend a hundred bucks on.
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