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Thread: If you can call Microsoft a monopoly.....

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    If you can call Microsoft a monopoly.....

    ...... then this suit has got to stick for exactly the same reasons.....

    Read about it Here
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    The problem is, the guy in the article is trying to sue, claiming that by trying to stop piracy, the recording industry is a monopoly. While the recording industries may comprise a monopoly (actually an oligopoly, because it's multiple corporations making up a monopoly), but to base a lawsuit on their drive to stop people from stealing and/or sharing their product illegally, is absurd.

    Microsoft isn't being called a monopoly because they try to prevent people from copying and distributing their software. Trying to sell your products on the open market is the very definition of competitive capitalism. If someone is cutting into your profits by stealing and giving away the product you are tying to sell, it seems logical that you would try to stop them.

    Price gouging, and other questionable practices by the record industry aren't right, and I think that there is a monopoly present, but to file a lawsuit because the companies won't let you distribute their products for free, or for your own profit (through advertising), is just plain asinine.

    If you're going to call them a monopoly, prove they're a monopoly, don't file frivolous lawsuits because they won't let you make money off their hard work.
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