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Thread: transfer rate question

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    transfer rate question

    I have a home network with a Linksys router.
    Why is sharing files between my computers a lot faster when both computers are connected to the router than when i just use a crossover cable between them???


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    I am not sure if perhaps your linksys router might be doing some sort of packet shaping or not but if I had a make a blind guess I would say that when you are using the router that it auto negotiates the speed to 100mb full duplex where when you are using the crossover cable it is only doing half duplex or 10 mb. To check if you have it set to full duplex in windows xp you go to network properties and click configure button then click on the advanced tab. select link speed and Duplex then under value select 100mbps/Full duplex. do this on both computers, on other operating systems its in the same area. Also if you are using windows xp you might want to press ctrl-shift-esc and then go to networking and transfer something and watch how much network activity you are using, if you are using 100% then you know its transfering correctly. Let me know if this helps
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