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    Question NON security question

    I tried opera on my desktop(win2kpro) and didn't like it so I removed it. It somehow (I know it was me) became my default for viewing images that I placed on my desktop. I use Jasc PSP 7 and want to make it my image viewer and for it to automatically open images and I have been looking for awhile and can't figure out where the settings are-before you flame me I did look in all the help files and used image and image default to try and find the settings. I don't know where I could find an answer faster than here(because I now hang out here) so hope there is a simple solution-thanks
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    what you want to do is right click on the file type you want to open with your program, go to open with select choose program. when you select the program you want to open down at the bottom there is a check box that says always use the selected program to open this type. check that and then open the file. From now on that file type will default to that program. ~Spyrus
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    Thanks!!!! I never would have thought to look there-Thanks again, Spyrus!
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    hahah save the easy questions for me next time jxyrry59 > : )

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    First I will apoligize to jxrry59, and other valued AO members for placing this post here, but, I think this is the best place for it.


    My issue is with your performance and value here as a member of AO. This post sounds almost insulting to the thread starter. Please remember not all of us are computer experts. Would you like it if I joke about your ability to think clearly? I have included examples of your last few posts, can you please explain to all of us why you clutter our board with this stuff?

    Thank you! I LOVE ANTIONLINE!

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    Great FAQ thank jooo!

    Can you refer us to a post you have made that might contain some real value?
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