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    Cool Yahoo Icon?

    Like many of you, I am constantly used as Tech Support for my family, especially my mother. She just never bothered to learn computers.

    One day, after returning from Finals, I got a call on my cell phone. Its my mother, asking how to check her e-mail. She has a Yahoo account, and I put mail.yahoo.com in her favorites to make it easier for her. But, its too complicated.

    I quickly went through the steps in my head to make sure I wouldn't confuse her, and started off "Okay, go to Yahoo.com"

    I hear a strange silence for about twenty seconds, and then a bewildered voice asks "Where's that? I don't see an icon in my programs menu..."

    I had to bite my tounge to stop myself from laughing at my poor mother and her confusion.

    Just thought I'd relate a story I thought was funny. It is, sadly, true by the way. I'm sure many tech support employees can agree on the...strangeness and variety of calls recieved in that line of work. :-)

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    My tech support horror...is too my mother.

    Ok. I come home from work, and find my mother sitting very frustrated in front of my computer (running win98 @ the time). she had opened up "My Computer" and gone through a few files trying to find the word document she had just saved. Here's where her frustration destroyed me. Instead of closing down some windows, she just starts deleting files. She thought that if she deleted the files, it would take her to the desktop again. The horrible thing is. . she was in the Windoze file, and then the program files folder. . . I just saved what I could, and reloaded. It was a mess. . . Now, I've bought her a laptop of her very own, and put a bios pw on mine... fortunetly now, Linux scares her so she wont even go near my system.
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