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Thread: Alienware Predator

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    Alienware Predator

    Anyone see the new Alienware Predator in MAximum PC Feb 2003 issue? it looks great it has everything too including a hefty price tag of coruse. with a 30 inch lcd monitor and special klipsch 5.1 pro media speakers and a geforce fx its pure speed. But unfortunately the lcd monitor runs at 1024 x 768 resolution because computers rite now can't run games like doom 3 at like 3200 x 2400 even with geforce FX

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    Be a bit more specific next time, please. It's a bit annoying to read what seems like a "teaser," especially with a computer that seems as "souped up" (I hope I spelled it right) set of specs. What's the rest of it?

    Here's just enough to make you curious...

    App! Too much!
    I know that wasn't your intent, but it came off that way.

    Just..gets annoying. More specs, please? Thanks!

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    sorry i'm still new to the forums i'm still earning though

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    Don't apologize! Its okay! BTW, please avoid one word posts. I feel kind of cheated.

    Can you give us those specs for the "Alienware Predator"? ;-)


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    Yes I've seen it. It reminds me of a souped up sports car. The design is something I haven't seen before.

    Here's their site. One the upper left hand site is a tiny picture of the issue with the Alienware pc in the front cover.
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    Apparently someone thinks I was punishing Higher, and I had no intention of doing that. (If you look at it, he was never negged.) If anyone felt that I was too harsh in my post, I apologize. I never intended to be. I merely meant to ask him to be more specific in his posts, especially when he found a nice piece of hardware he wants to share with us. It was definitely a good idea, but I wanted him to expand on it more.

    Again, I apologize if I seemed too harsh in what I said, I didn't mean anything by it. What exactly did I do that seemed "harsh"? If someone would tell me so I don't do it again, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks for the feed back!

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    i still dont see what was wrong with his post ^mobius^, all he was doing was posting information about a product, and wanted to start a discussion about it. It wouldnt be much of a "thread" if he posted everything there is to know about them, then it would be a tutorial.

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    That makes sense, and I see your point.

    I never intended to say that he was wrong, as apparently several people thought I did. My intentions where to ask for more information, because it sounded extremely intriguing. Can someone please point out where this mistake is being made? I am apparently not doing a very good job of communicating, and I'd like to fix the problem.

    Also, please stop negging me for asking where my mistake was, it gets annoying and it won't fix anything. I apologize for whatever mistake I made in how I posted my past messages, and I'd like to correct them. Will someone tell me exactly what my mistake was?

    After speaking with Er0k privately about this, I think he managed to point out my problem quite nicely. I didn't make the same distinction about the purpose of the post as everyone else, and because of this, I reacted differently. Does that seem accurate to everyone else?

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    Theres nothing here to fuss about. Well anyway, The alienware predator is probably gonna be the price of like 2 falcon northwests since the monitor is already $4800 and with the noise a FX makes from its cooling u probably need some earplugs from wat i've heard

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    I don't remember Alienware very well, I might have heard of them once or twice in passing...have they made anything that I might recognize?

    (I've only recently gotten into hardware, so I may be a bit behind here.)

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