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    SMB Printer Config Help

    Hopefully someone can lend me a hand. I just reinstalled Redhat (8.0) on my system and am trying to configue my system to print to a printer that is on another computer on my local network (it's already networked - I print to it with my other networked PC and XP on this box). I've made it as far as the printer config. It's asking me to configure a Windows Print Queue. Here is the data it is asking me for and the values I've already entered:

    Share -
    Host IP -
    Workgroup - DEN <---- that's what I named the workgroup when i set it up originally it's 3 PC's through a router
    User -
    Pass -

    I don't know what to put for the share. Maybe it's just me but shouldn't I put the name of the computer on the network that has the printer attached? As far as the user and pass goes they aren't required since I set them with no user and pass required, or would I need to use a user and pass to print to it?. Any light that you folks can help me shed on this would be great. Thanks.
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    It really can't hurt to add a username and password to it and try to figure it out, it might require that. It also will beef up your networks security enough, it'd make me feel more secure.

    Also, I agree with it. It does seem that the share should be the computer's name, unless you have given the printer a different name, in which case that might fit better. Perhaps the networks address of the printer?

    I don't know Linux all that well right now, so I am trying to translate over from other OSes and experience, adding in some things that might bee needed for Linux. Sorry if it seems like gobbly-di-gook, it probably is.

    Hope this helps some.

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    I'm trying to get it to print from Linux
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    The share field should say something like this:


    If that doesn't work, you may have to edit /etc/samba/lmhosts to add the windows systems name. The line would look something like this: WINDOWS_SYSTEMS_NAME

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