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    Intruders of Networks ION

    Anyone got any good info on these mofos?
    Run by the name intruders of Network or ION,
    They seem to be hitting a lot of microsoft msql bugs....
    One of my sites was hit bad admining by my part is suppose but any info you guys have will help alot.

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    They are a brazilian hacking group you probably will find them in irc.brasnet.org you need to register to use brasnet and its in portugese there channel will prolly be #ION or they might be in #silverlords (where most are) but they will definetly be on brasnet some where were there any specifc info you were loking for ?
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    Yes, indeed there is a #ION channel on brasnet. As well as channels #affix, #silverlordz, #isotk, and the whole bunch of "31337 H4X0rs" (oh, i am trembling already...). Ok, serious now: I also hate defacement. Having a look at their website, (in portuguese, and quite lame.. they are so busy defacing that can't even finish it...), it seems that its members are: 4z1lum - 0str1s - x-sp1d3r - g0d . Actually, there's also mad_skater in the team, and I wonder if d3fc0n is part of it, or even a defacer. Surprisingly, d3fc0n is a nice guy. Perhaps you may have an idea having a look at zone-h. Anyway, i can't say this about ION members, but I can give you address, telephone number and email of at least 2 members of other lamer groups. I love whois .
    Ah, if someone I know is part of this group, I can also tell him/them off. Just tell me what info you want, and I fetch it for you. Just don't ask me to drop their channel, I have no willing/expertise in skiddies' lame IRC wars.

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    The ION group are:
    *** Topic on #ion: .:: ION = Mad_Skater :: AnyUser :: Amok :: p3ubz :: Spy_Pc ::.
    Maybe the person who defaced your site airse called p3ubz ? right ?
    So, linuxcomando join irc.brasnet.org #ion and talk to them, they'll help you. I'm sure.
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    Thanks guys for all the info thats just what i needed.
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