Rule 1. ALL Operating systems including (insert favorite one here) have bugs.
Rule 2. When in doubt, refer to rule one.

MS gets more flak from me because of how they used to handle bugs. i.e. Their reputation.

Typically, it went something like this.
Person: Flaw found.
MS: No you didn't.
Person: No I'm serious, you do this, this and this and it does this.
MS: No it doesn't.
Person: Look this is serious.
MS: No it isn't. You don't know what you're talking about.
Person: I see. (Creates proof of concept and releases to web)
MS: See, we need more secure platforms to stop these hackers. But now that its out there, we're looking into it
--Month later--
MS: After careful inspection we have found a bug and are releasing a fix.

Open source version:
Person: Flaw Found.
Coder: Where?
Person: You do this, this, and this and it does this.
Coder: %$#@! that's serious. I'll get back you.
--That day--- Some user group has the flaw posted. At least a dozen people reproduce the issue and start working
on it including the coder.
--Few days later---
Coder: Here, try this, I built it last night.
Person: Cool, it works. Thanks.

If MS changes their tune, I will refrain from judgment, but until that time, MS has only themselves to blame for the bad