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    Yeah, but beta tapes were smaller then VHS tapes. (like 30%)

    And, by knowing this trick, why would someone pay the extra 4$ for 1.44 when all you need to do is drill a hole? (Sure, you do get some saps....)

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    Why make 720k disks?
    - For instance cause some older equipment still (or did) use those disks. Many electronic music stuff used 720k floppies.

    - Market strategy: product differentiation.

    Tyger_claw -> I have a whole box of those "wrong printed" disks, I use them for specific purposes like Linux boot disks cause I can easily recognize them.

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    Can we make another whole to make 1.44 into 2.88?

    Just kidding!!! but it may work

    sorry about whole, i didn't mean to write it, the correct word is hole.

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    If you can find a 720k disc to try this on, it probably belongs in a museum.

    I haven't seen any for sale in the last 6 years or so (although I have plenty of them - I am not tempted to try that trick though)

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