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Thread: Netware to NT 2000

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    Netware to NT 2000

    My school's network, which I have been discusing here in other thread recently, was originally running on a Netware server, which seemed to work fairly well, aside from the restrictions not being set high enough.

    However, at the beginning of this year, the school system had installed NT scripts on all of the Win98 machines, causing an error in the logon script, though it still didn't stop us from getting online.

    The curious thing is...Netware is still installed, but never used or configured correctly.

    Is there any real reason for this other than to keep the possibility of switching servers quickly? (Right now the school runs a Win2K ISA Server.)

    Any thoughts on this? Does this present any real security holes? It seems like it might, having two protocols for one network installed. A possible loophole may exist. A fix on one system may not affect the other.

    Any ideas? Anything here that needs to be pointed out? Thanks!


    P.S. Yes, it occurs to me that they shouldn't have set up the Win98 machines as NT without buying a corporate license, and installing. (Atleast one copy and put it on two hundred machines would seem preferable.)

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    Let me see if I understand this. You have the IPX protocol installed along with TCP/IP and you want to know if this is an issue? Not necessarily however, best practice would be to not have protocols loaded that you aren't using.

    When you say Netware is still installed, do you mean the Client32 software? If so and you don't use it, get rid of it.

    Where is the Netware server you mentioned? Is it still in use? If not, you can strip out IPX and the Client32 software and be done with it.

    Hope this helps you out.
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    Unfortunately, this is with my idiotic school. The ones who take hints as threats. Although. I learned today, much to my surprise, that they've started going through their logs!!! Wow!

    I was just curious.

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