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Thread: I'm back guys!

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    Talking I'm back guys!

    Hey to everyone! I was in jail for false charges, and at my arraignment all charges were dropped, and the prosecuter must pay my court fees. Yay me! Wrong place at the wrong time. Tsk tsk tsk. But I was just browsing thru today and thought I'd say hiya to everyone. How's IRC? I see there's a thread about it being down. How are things with AO? I see the being sold main page is gone. What's up with that? I owe some people a favor for clearing out my PM box and whatnot while i was away, so thanks to those people. I gotta go for now, but I'm back. For good.
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    Err..is that what will happen if i lose against Microsoft ? I will have to pay their charges ? Bet they have the most expensive lawyers in the world.

    Nyway, WB

    Edit : The main page is without banners because AO is seemingly sold.
    Yeah IRC is down. Been almost a day now.
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    welcome back gurl! we missed you! There have been a lot of changes around here......Ratman2 is gone, and was replaced by ratman3. There have been some problems and AO, in my opinion, has really gone to ****. Be careful on here hun.
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    Microsoft are so dumb and by the way welcome-Back!

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