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Thread: changing your IP?

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    changing your IP?

    i was looking for tutorials on various things today and came across this..

    my question is, would this really work?cause when your isp gives you a ip range thats your ip range so wouldnt they still be able to trace you? plus what would be the situation that you would want to do this, i mean isnt a shell account the best way to go as far as anoynimity on the internet?thanx in advance for all replies.

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    Anonymity (probably spelled it wrong) is a very sensitive and informative topic on the internet. For cable users, their are always shell accounts and proxies which can help, also by doing manual things such as clearing history/cookies/etc. For the people who dial in to the internet, it is a good idea to use shell accounts, but their IP changes everytime they dial in to the internet. There are many tips to stay anonymous on the internet (although it could be hard) and those are only the basic ones. No computer is ever fully anonymous, just like no computer is ever 100% secure.
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    I know our cable network (Cox @ home) takes the MAC address of your Cable Modem. Other cable modems will not work at my house. I think that the cable company somehow uses the MAC address of the Cable modem to identify the IP address. So if you change your IP address from to your internet will not work.

    Could not do it at work eithier (On DSL)
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    You can change your ip with usage socks or proxies, but isp's ip looks constant, because your isp must send to you infoz from modem pool or lan, and if you change this, isp can't find your location and the connection have to down... excuse me for my bad english

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    Im not sure it would work.. may try it later. Anyway, other ways of disguising your IP include using a proxy for your browser, and a shell account, like you said. Sometimes you might have problems if your shell doesn't answer to ident request, since some servers (example, IRC) like asking for this. Ident is covered in this RFC
    http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc1413.txt , if you need more information. (So do I.. haven't read it yet.. ).
    About picking IPs, I don't know how legal it would be, but they might not like.. Also, if you do, make sure you dont have an invalid one, like those used for DoS attacks. Lots of conscious hosts and routers would slam the door in your face.

    For malicious activities there are also some other ways of connecting from somewhere else, like using buggy PHP sites to bounce through it, and connecting through trojans, which I must say, really sucks. And I am very happy because most script kiddies don't disguide themselves using any method, only proxies sometimes (and there are some of them believing they will be unnoticed using ping because they have a proxy configured in their browsers..). I am glad about how limited most of them are.. havoc would be quite worse otherwise.

    Well, hate, just check what would be legal for you to do, and chose the most convenient. I am sure you don't want to have problems with your ISP or other networks . Oh, nor do I... don't even use a proxy!

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    thanx alot for your guyses input, i wasnt askin cause i was planning anything illeagal, it was just outta curiosity.take it easy people.

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