Hi All;

I was playing around with Whats Up Ver 7.03 and I was setting it up
(I guess ver 8 is out but oh well..... To lazy to d/l the newest version)
to keep an eye on a number of sites every 5 mins or so...

It will search for active services on a server or router and map it for
you, Sorta Neat if you ask me.... (But a little pricey for the Registered Ver)

Then you can set up a pager/e-mail or other services to let you
know you if a web server is down.

Well monitoring the internal stuff was not the problem, I was monitoring
several outside servers and boy did I stir up a Hornet's Net!!!
The owners of the outside servers said I was trying to hack into
their servers and complained to my ISP...... OOPS!!

I guess the moral to the story is before you monotor an outside server
you better get permission of the server owner!!!
Even if you own the domain or are webmaster of that domain.