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Thread: verizon fights back

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    Talking verizon fights back

    Go verizon go

    Verizon Communications is asking an appeals court to block a court order that would reveal the identity of an alleged peer-to-peer pirate to the music industry.

    I just hope they win the appeal. They have very good grounds to stand on too. Thought you would all like to see this

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    It's cool to know that Verizon actually cares about it's customers. That's a rare find these days.

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    no ****, i wouldnt have expected them to fight it like they are, ive been keeping tabs on this case and i am impressed. the riaa just needs to step up off of people cause there never gonna be able to stop it.not totally anyways, they probably will make it difficult to do in the future but there will always be people determined to get there music for free.i still go out and buy CD's even after i d/l them, because thats how the bands make there money, but i wont go and spend 18 dollers on a CD just to find out it sux,e.g. the new disturbed CD, thats a perfect example of why you d/l first then if ya like it go and support the band.any person who really loves music will know that. at least i would think so.
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    If they didn't fight for it, then the RIAA and MPAA would be able to get any user info from any ISP they wanted. All they'd have to do is say... um... the person on ip x.x.x.x at <time> is suspected of using a p2p network to download unauthorized copies of <insert media here>, we need his info so we can sue him.

    It isn't the RIAA and MPAA's job to uphold the law...

    Verizon has to fight it!

    Not as many ISPs can afford the cost of this battle and if they win... it will be a victory for all ISPs, not just Verizon. If this was requested of a smaller ISP, they'd have to cave in and give it to them because they couldn't afford it.

    Kind of the same thing they are/were doing to p2p networks. Killing them off with court costs.
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