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Thread: A Brief Rant of XP

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    Angry A Brief Rant of XP

    I have used MS OS for most of my computer career. I have never been more unhappy with that fact as I am now.

    I run XP on my machine right now, and realized it had been about a month since I'd last changed my password. Not having time to think of a good new one, I removed my current Windows password, leaving a very secure BIOS PW to guard my HD.

    I go home, try to log on...it doesn't work. I try every password I have ever used, and it won't let me on. I go ahead and try nothing, no good. I try variants...still nothing.

    This is where I start getting pissed off. But wait...an idea! I left the Guest account on, for just such emergencies. I log on, and go to restore my system to a week old back-up. Not enough priveliges...Grr. (Why won't Windows let me modify such things for Guest? Gah!) Won't let me do much of anything...

    I re-install Windows, and in the process lose access to everyone of my files. Oh, they're still on there....but Admin doesn't have priveliges high enough to get at them. ::Chokes Wndows::

    My modem is also not installed....for some reason. Add New Hardware. Driver not found. Would you like to go online to download it? ....Yes, but no modem you @$*%#ing of crud!

    Finally, I remember. I had backed up drivers onto a seperate CD. I look...and its there! I get my modem back! Finally! ::Cheers:: ....Stupid Windows.. As soon as I find my Linux discs, I'm re-partition. Windows can have 10% of the drive. ::Grins::


    Thanks for listening...or whatever. I just had to write this down and get it out of my system.

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    Although I like what I've seen of Linux 'til now, I'm hooked on windows.
    My girlfriend doesn't like linux, and for my job, all of their appz turn on M$.
    I need those appz for remote management, so... Grrr...

    But I would suggest Norton System Works or other if preferred , You'll be able to take images
    which you can use as install from boot on CD-ROM.
    In case of emergency, comes in handy those image.

    I think you wish now you'd have an image, I think... Good luck.

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    I had Norton System Works. I had images. I couldn't get it to work, you understand.

    To use images, or anything system changing, I had to be on Admin. Not guest. There is the problem. LoL.

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    Here is a pretty nice thread about XP Rants. My personal rant is this: It was considerably 'okay' when I first tried it awhile ago, but it's managerial possibilities can be annoying and the interface isn't pleasing IMO. I'm personally not to fond of it is what I'm trying to say. Hope I helped
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    IMHO, if you are tired of Windows or WindowsXP in general, why don't you try some of the other alternatives out there such as Apple, a *NIX or something else? I mean Windows is not for everybody even if Microsoft tells you to believe that.

    Personally, I like Windows. I use Windows98 for games, Windows 2000 for windows development/photoshop and Linux for testing PHP/MySQL site skins.

    Every OS has a purpose. Yes, Even Microsoft.

    I wish you the best of luck


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    Personally I stand with Moebius. I use and like Win XP for many things but he didn't say he hated Win XP all the time he said he needed to rant. He got caught in a very frustating set of circumstances, came here and blew off steam. I think that is an excellent response to a frustrating situation.

    Just because I use Windows doesn't mean I don't get frustrated sometimes. I am currently frustrated with my Linux because I am having trouble getting my NIC configured. Maybe I will write a rant about that if the frustration gets too high. Doesn't mean I will dump the Linux on that box just means I need to blow off steam.

    So Moebius, I hope the rant helped, now go enjoy your currently working box and come back again the next time M$ totally messes you over, we will be here for you.
    \"We are pressing through the sphincter of assholiness\"

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    lets set the record, there is a big difference between XP home and XP pro. XP home sucks and XP pro, I have no problem with.

    The problem aired here is about security, so I guess XP is doing it's job. What would be the point of have a guest user with full rights? If you wont that then use 9x. Linux and unix users will know you never run as root as your main user. Same with XP, I know you need admin rights to do a lot of stuff, but it is better to give these right to a normal account as you cant SU in XP, this means you always have a back user if you ever get locked out or forget your password.

    Sorry to say it ^Mobius^ but you have fall victem(sp?) to microsoft security (I guess it does exist then )

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