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    net send in windows 2000 pro

    how cand i disable net send coz i dont want to receive messages i only want to send messages can i disable it??

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    Get a firewall be it hardware or software and configure it to allow these messages out but not in...

    Thread about Software Firewalls http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232475

    And another about firewalls in general http://www.antionline.com/showthread...ware+firewalls

    and a Google Search

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    Or if you have windows XP/windows 2000 (I don't think net send is an issue with win95/98/me, correct me if I am wrong), you can go to administrative tools -> services, disable messenger. It is the messenger service that allows you to receive those messages.

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    Can't disable Messenger Service 'cuz he still wants to be able to send the messages.

    nebulus, you are right about 95/98/me. Winpopup is the 9x/Me implementation.

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    disableing the messanger service will still allow you to use the net send command. my computer is configured that way and my net send utility works fine
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    I believe the netsend utility will only message computers on the same sunet. Can you change your subnet mask? Of course that would kick you off of the network, depending on the architecture of your network you may still be able to access the internet. I am not sure this is what you have in mind...

    I posted a thread in Tech Humor on some fun with net send at the expense of some skiddie if you would like it is located here .

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    i dont find any effective command to disable the net send command
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    run "compmgmt.msc" goto services. and really it is just turning the "Messenger-service" to MANUAL.
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