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Thread: problems Setting a W2k-W98 Network

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    problems Setting a W2k-W98 Network

    I have a little question for u all.
    I got 4 PCs, 3 of them have W2k installed and only 1 has W98, the proble is that I can't get to access the other 3 PCs from the W98 PC.
    The network setup is correct I think, the addresses are for the 3 PCs with W2k and for the W98 PC .4.
    IS there something I'm missing ?
    I just installed a new 8-port switch, but the problem has been around since I had my old hub.
    What could be the problem?
    Thanx for any kind of help.
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    Cyberlord: Did you set up user accounts for the 98 machine on the 2k machines?
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    Had the same problem at work. Here is what I did to fix it:

    On the Win2K machines

    Right click on My Computer
    Select - Manage
    Go to Local Users and Groups
    Double click on Users
    Right click on Guest
    Select Properties

    make sure that the box that says 'Account is Disabled' is unchecked. That's what I did and it worked great. You shouldn't have to do anything to the Win98 machine.
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    How-to make a Win98 Win2k setup work?

    1) make sure they both use the same protocol! This is important cause Win9x installs by default Netbeui while Win2k does not. Obviously: Use the same protocol on all boxes

    2) make sure you have accounts set up exactly. This means that you need to create a user on the Win2k box(es) for the user on the Win98 box. Set the password. So if you have the user Bill on the win9x box with password xyz. Then you need to add this account on the win2k box you want to access too. So go to local users and groups and add the appropriate users, in properties you can add other stuff, like expire time, user can change password, etc... play around with those to make yourself familiar with these.

    What Everson describes works great but is not the way it should been set up, at home it doesn't really matter, but in other environments it does. Using guest accounts for other users than guests seems me a little obscure.

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    Yeah, thanx for the tips.
    The guest account worked partially, I could access some of the W2k shared folders from the W98 PC but not all of them, and i had already configured the W98 account in all the W2k mahines but didn't worked.
    What can I do to access "all" the W2k shares from the W98???
    What is wrong?
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