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Thread: proxy, roxey

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    proxy, roxey

    Now this is a little embaressing but...

    My new ISP is using an HTML - based proxy server and u know, I need other stuff like
    IRC, telnet...etc

    Does anybody know a non-local public proxy server which I can use???

    Thank u very much

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    Hey Xenia. It might prove useful to do a Google for "remote proxies." You're bound to come up with something. I found a few. I don't know much about your configuration, but you could still run into problems. If you need to get to that remote proxy via http and the existing proxy server is blocking a category or remote proxies, you may not be able to get to it that way. That's how it is on my network. Users sometimes try to bypass the proxy server's rules for things like porn or hacking pages by using a remote proxy to initiate the http request, but we don't allow it. I am not sure if that applies in your situation. I hope that helps.

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    Try www.stayinvisible.com and http://tools.rosinstrument.com/proxy/ is it for http ? or do you want open servers where you can telnet out from ?(If you are good luck) i aint ever found a decent wingates list if any one knows any please post !
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