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Thread: Here's a tough question...

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    Here's a tough question...


    Be prepared... i need it for a friend's work at high school... so here it goes my question...

    The world could be better with or without Internet??? Why???

    Note: Please don't take the question to other issues like "Internet is not the problem, the world could be better without war, etc.", i just need the answer about Internet.



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    I think that the world is better WITH the internet. Why? Communications. The free exchange of ideas. With the internet, communication world wide is cheap, and virtually instantaneous. Without it, it would be MUCH harder and more expensive to find information.

    Sure, some bad things get around on the internet, kiddie porn, war plans, bomb instructions...but I think that there is a lot less of that than the good stuff. You also have to remember, that would exist without the internet anyway.

    The internet can be good or bad, but I think that, for the most part, it is good.

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    Better. It brings people together and shows them that people who live thousands of miles away in another country may not be so different from you and me afterall.
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    By far the world is better with the internet.

    It's given small business's a fighting chance against big corporate honcho's
    It's allowed world communication at a cheap price
    It's providing the world with freedom of expression (some to far)
    It's allowed others to play/compete games with others around the globe.
    it's furthered people's educations
    it's assisted people answering question

    And, the best part, it's improved productiong and distribution of porn (*joke* )

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    The world could be better WITH it , it allows people to learn new things, get help with home-
    work (As seen on TV) and best of all, allows people to meet other people around the world and learn about other cultures, customs and thoughts all around the world, not just in local areas or out-dated text books
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    Dark Raider,
    I happen to differ with Mobius and Firestarter9. Don't get mad guys, but you are overlooking some insightful views and i'm just expressing my opinion. First of all, the internet has been a big part in the Westernization of cultures. If you dont know what I'm talking about, Westernization is basically the thought of a melting pot when comparing it to cultures and that the Middle East is changing their traditions because they are acquiring the techniques and rituals of the Western nations, like the U.S. and Europe. You may have a different view on this situation, but personally I think that the individualism in various cultures is what made our world so unique and awesome. Now with the internet in use, countries across the world can more readily get information about western countries and therefore the process of Westernization is sped up much more. The internet is an awesome source of information and is a giant book chock-full of information, however it is a con when it comes to the individualism of cultures, which I view is the essence of this world we live in.
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    Like all technologies the Internet is a double edge sword. It has led to the integration of societies by communication and the alienation of people by them sitting alone at their computers. I has been used to spread the news and to spread hate messages. It has given people information to allow them to eat well and taken the time they should have used for excercise. In other words whether it is good or bad depends on the individual and their self dicipline.

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    better, much better, people are able to talk and make friends with people on the other side of the world.you no longer have to call up your friend or ask your mom to take you to the library, just turn on the comp.the favorite games like UT2K3, Diablo, counter-strike are now avaliable to be played with and against people from all over the world.its just a mind numbing medium that brings everything together with one simple click of the mouse,its actually kinda crazy when you step back and look at it from a depersonalized view.
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    Jag, I see what you mean. But you have to consider that the same thing has happened to the American culture, though in a lesser degree, due to the internet. You also can't completely blame those changes on it, because television has a major role in the same thing. MTV just opened a station in Vietnam...that would have a bigger impact, I'd say.

    Even with those changes, I believe that the information and economic exchange is well worth the sacrifice..though perhaps because I don't feel that sacrifice as clearly as some do. Especially those who make it.

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    i think that the world is better WITH the internet because you can get news faster than waiting for it to come on T.V. and artists can post their work on a website wether it be drawings, music, paintings, or videos. it also allows people at work to relieve stress through playing games like the ones on pogo.com...and what would the people of AntiOnline be doing if there was no internet?
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